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I love you, I’m sorry, congratulations, will you marry me. Flowers have the power to say what we often can’t verbalise. The LUXE flowers ethos is to create inspiring arrangements which are individual to each client to enhance their special moment.
We enjoy making our bouquets as the traditional hand-tied bouquets but will arrange flowers in anything that holds water! We have a selection of containers, vases, pots, jugs and jars for you to choose from, or feel free to challenge us with your own and we will advise on the most suitable, freshest blooms.

PLEASE NOTE: Availability of flowers may mean we have to use different flowers from those pictured on our Collections page. We can assure you, your flower arrangement will be in the same colours, shape, size and value. If the gift chosen includes a container or vase, we will always endeavour to provide the same item as pictured. If this is not currently in stock, an alternative will be provided and will be fitting with hte flower colours and style.

Our Products

a pink & white christmas
Soft tones give this bouquet a touch of elegance, including seasonal flowers in white and pink. Hand-tied, this gift wrapped bouquet is ready to be placed in water when it reaches it's final destination.
classic autumn hand-tied
A short stemmed posy of classic autumn flowers in tones of orange, red and yellow. ​Size shown is gold.
textured posy
A mixture of the weird and wonderful! A selection of interesting textured flowers including Gerbera's, Pin Cushions, Alstromeria and Thistles. Arranged in a hand tied posy presented in water in a LUXE Flowers bag.
citrus textured bouquet
A glorious bunch of unusual flowers gathered together in an open stemmed bouquet and gift wrapped ready to be placed into water at its destination. Due to seasonilty, the exact flowers pictured may not be included but we will ensure your arrangement is as tropical! Size shown is Gold.
spring time posy
A sweet selection of seasonal Spring flowers. The mixture of pastel & vibrant colours is sure to make the lucky recipient smile. Presented in a LUXE Flowers bag in water. Size shown is Gold.
tulip passion
At the heart of this bouquet sit seasonal double headed Tulips. Surrounded by pink, cerise and purple seasonal flowers. Hand-Tied and presented in a LUXE Flowers bag in water.
tropical love
Is your loved one a lively, bright and cheerful type who likes to stand out from the crowd? Then this is the bouquet for them! With lots of brightly coloured, interesting flowers arranged amongst tropical leaves, there is nothing like saying 'I love you' with a huge statement! ​Size shown is Gold. Arranged in a water and presented in a LUXE Flowers bag, this bouquet will have them
tropical posy
A generous selection of brightly coloured flowers to brighten up anyone's day! Arranged in cluster groups for a modern twist, flowers include Kermit Chrysanthemums, bright Naranja Rose and beautiful Calla Lilies.
luxe design of the week - country trug basket
A touch of Spring Summer in shades of girly pinks and purples. Arranged in a trug basket, the arrangement has a feel of country garden about it with lots of luscious garden foliage. Flowers included blush pink Roses, cerise Gerbera’s, purple Lisanthius, Statice and daisy-like pink Chyrsanths. This long lasting gift is the perfect present if the lucky recipient is a long car journey away,
multicoloured rainbow bouquet
A vibrant and fun mix of flowers in the colours of the rainbow. Presented in a LUXE Flowers bag in water, this bouquet is bound to make the lucky recipient smile from ear to ear!
fragrant spring posy
LOOKING FOR AN ALTERNATIVE WAY TO EXPRESS YOUR LOVE? Then look no further! Designed and created by our talented florists, we will create a hand-tied posy using a selection of white and purple spring flowers. For your ease, it will be presented in water, in a LUXE Flowers bag, ready to be presented to you loved one. Size shown is Silver Grade.
exotic orchid
A Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant planted in an ornate container filled with moss for a natural effect. Available in 2 colours.
luxe design of the week - pink & white mixed bouquet
A mix of pure white, vibrant cerise and pastel pink blooms. Flower mix to include a fragrant Lily, Australian silver Eucalyptus, pink Roses, and Alstromeria, complimented by daisy like pink and white Chrysanths. ​The stems are left open for the bouquet to be placed directly into water when it reaches its destination. Finishing touch is a large white voile bow.
hot date
When you are going on a hot date, turn up with this amazing bunch of blooms, and it is sure to go swimmingly! ​Size shown is Gold.
sunflower mixed bouquet
If ever there was a statement flower – the Sunflower is it! Large, tall and proud it really is the star of the show in this long stemmed arrangement. Surrounded with complimentary flowers including a white Lily, cream Rose, Stallion Chrysanthemums and Eucalyptus Foliage. The flowers are gift wrapped ready to be placed in water when they reach their destination.
classic pink & white bouquet
Hand Tied with a selection of pink & white seasonal flowers. Presented in water in a LUXE Flowers bag. For the classic lady.
contemporary christmas
Looking for something fun and sassy to adorn your house! Look no further then the LUXE Flowers Contemporary orange Hand-Tied. With brightly coloured citrus tones this bouquet will appeal to those with a zest for life! Size shown is Gold.
cerise dream posy
For some ting & tang, a colourful mix of pink, cerise and purple flowers.
luxe design of the week - contemporary white & limes
Neutral tones can sometimes be just as striking as an array of colour. Perfect simplicity with luxury Avalanche Roses, Kermit Chrysanthemums, and other seasonal flowers in white. Loops of Steel Grass are the finishing touch. This hand-tied posy presented in water, is ideal for those with a modern taste in design.
A selection of bright and fresh spring flowers arranged in a vintage print jug with a finishing touch of a raffia bow. Ideal for brightening up a kitchen table for afternoon Sunday lunch! Size shown is Gold.
lemon and lime bouquet
A citrus mix of yellow, green and white blooms, with the flowers stems kept long for maximum impact. Presented in water in a LUXE Flowers bag. Size shown is Gold Grade.
cluster posy
A pretty mix of pastel and bright coloured flowers arranged in a contemporary style in groups. This bouquet is not about overall size, the flowers are tightly compacted to give a modern edge. Flowers include Roses, Gerberas and Kermit Chrysanthemums. Presented in water in a LUXE Flowers bag. Ideal as a gift for someone with contemporary taste!
pastel globe vase
A posy of soft pastel flowers presented in a glass globe vase. This beautiful combination of flowers includes peach Avalanche Roses, Waxflower, white Delphinium and Bruni Berries. Final touches include a variety of garden foliage to give that scooped from the garden feel. Perfect for a table centre piece. Size shown is PLUS Gold Grade.
pretty in pink posy
A hand tied posy with fragrant spring flowers in shades of white and pink, presented in water in a LUXE Flowers bag. Ideal for a mummy who loves her soft pastel colours! Size shown is Silver.
contemporary cube vase
A soft mix of pastel coloured flowers arranged in a glass cube vase. Flowers shown as an example include cream Avalanche Roses, lime green Alchemilla and cream Eustoma and lightly coloured foliage to provide an exquisite mix of fresh blooms. Available in 3 colour choices. Size shown is Silver.
lily gift wrap
LOOKING FOR ELEGANCE & FRAGRANCE? Long stemmed Lilies simply wrapped with mixed foliage, ready for the lucky recipient to arrange in a vase on arrival.
romantic spring posy
This time of the year brings lots of white, cream and yellow Spring flowers. Arranged with short stemmed blooms, this large posy is the ideal fragrant choice to put the 'Spring' in some-ones step! Short stemmed flowers when arranged in tightly styled posy do give more of a subtle wow. In comparison to long stemmed bouquet, they provide a luxury understated feel. If this describes the
rainbow lantern posy
A quirky selection of seasonal flowers arranged in a cute posy! As part of the gift, the flowers will be placed in one of our LUXE Flowers lantern jars. The special lady in your life can admire from afar with no work to be done! Makes a change! The lantern design may vary from the one pictured - contact us for more details. Approx height of lantern, 14cm.
dome oasis posy
A domed shaped posy arranged in oasis in a plastic tray. Of course you do not see the tray as we disguise this with layers of textured foliage. The flowers included depend on the colour scheme you choose, but this style of arrangement suits a country garden look. We can adapt the design and colour to your preference. Please include additional notes for our florists.
hand made gift card - large
Add a unique, hand-made Gift Card to your order to add that personal touch. We have a selection of bespoke gift cards in-store from Happy Birthday to Get Well Soon to Congratulations messages. We will choose the design most suitable for your flowers and card message. £3.50 each
powerful pink statement bouquet
For the modern contemporary flower lover! A compact posy styled bouquet in statement pinks, cerise and white. Hand-tied in water, and placed in a LUXE Flowers bag.
winter globe
A hand tied posy of pretty pastel colours suitable for the celebration of the birth of a baby girl. Flowers include large headed Wham Roses, pastel pink Alstromeria, brighter pink Eustoma, Stallion Chrysanthemums and the unusual Celosia flower. Presented in water in a LUXE Flowers bag so new parents don’t have to deal with the flowers straight away! Size shown is Silver.
joy in a jar
Small, quirky and cute but special of course! Pick up this lantern arrangement in a variety of colours. The vintage style lanterns measure approx. 14cm tall. Ideal to cheer someone up or to say 'Thank-you'. Available in 3 sizes and 3 colour palettes- please select below. Style of lantern container may vary. Please call us for more details.