LUXE Designs of the week


We all know flowers change by season but here at LUXE they change every week. We like to work very closely with our suppliers to ensure we have a variety of blooms in our shop, different textures, colours and origins. Flowers our customers love and even sometimes those they have never heard of!

With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to our weekly feature of LUXE Design of the Week. To start the week with something a bit different and hopefully interesting, we will be designing an arrangement on a Monday and posting it to our homepage.  

From traditional hand-tied posys, to quirky bulb planters, to artificial flowers arranged in a rustic jug, we will be sure to bring you something unique and hopefully tempting to buy every week!


17th March 2014: Yellow Marisa Spray Roses & Blue Hyacinths

This week it feels like spring has sprung. Not sure it is time to put away the winter coat just yet but we have seen some very happy and smiley faces here on Eton High Street. To celebrate this, the LUXE design of the week is a mixture of brightly coloured fragrant flowers in a hand tied posy.

Our favourite of which are a yellow Spray Rose called Marisa. You don’t get a flower much brighter than this – reminds us of the sun! We particularly love that each stem has multiple Rose heads all in different shapes and sizes. We have teamed these with dark blue Hyacinths which have proven to be the men’s favourite here in our shop – not only for the fragrance but their deep colouring. Fragrance to sum up spring with yellow ‘Hugh Town’ Narcissi. And finally 2 shades of purple Statice gives the posy a textured yet natural look

24th March 2014: Mothers Day Basket

This week’s design is in celebration of this Sunday…who could forget its Mothering Sunday – a time to show all Mums how much we appreciate them!
Arranged in a wicker basket for extra authenticity, we like loose flowing basket arrangements which look like the flowers have been scooped from a country garden! Themed in mauve, pink and white, we especially like the large scented white Hyacinths which help to bring some spring indoors! The stallion daisy Chrysanths remind us of making daisy chains in the park when we were younger (a lot younger!) and are complemented by the sprigs of Waxflower which originates from Australia! Statice brings in that much needed burst of strong purple and allow the large headed armando Roses to take centre stage! Natural garden foliage finishes the look nicely!

A basket arrangement is ideal for those who like low maintenance flower arrangements – just a mist of water every second day will keep the flowers fresh! And of course the basket is yours to keep for future flower arrangements or even as a basket for all those Easter eggs in April!


31st March 2014: Pink & White Mixed Bouquet

Sorry we are a bit late for this week’s design – we were still recovering from Mothers Day! What a great success…the shop looked a bit empty by the end of Sunday but we have re-stocked with the freshest blooms and are ready to go again!
This week’s LUXE design of the week is inspired by a sunny spring day – pure white, vibrant cerise and pastel pink. The bouquet is arranged with a white Sapporo Lily at its heart surrounded by silver Eucalyptus native from Australia. Bright Karenza Roses and long lasting Rome Cerise Alstromeria provide a much needed burst of colour. Daisy like pink and white Chrysanths add a certain female touch to the mix! The stems are left open for the bouquet to be placed directly into water when it reaches its destination. Finishing touch is a large white voile bow.

Ideal in a tall straight vase ready to be placed in a large bay window!


7th April: Bulbs in a Bath Tub

We thought spring had finally sprung but the weather Gods seem to be letting us down today! Luckily the spring bulbs don’t listen to the weather and we have a great variety of planted arrangements in all kind of quirky containers!

This week’s LUXE Design of the week is inspired by relaxation…
A cream ceramic miniature bath tub, yes we mean bath tub, with the words Paisible, Calme, Relax & Tranquille printed on the side. Filled with yellow Narcissi bulbs this would make the ideal gift for someone’s window sill! And the gift of spring keeps on giving because once the bulbs have finished flowering, if planted in the garden will flower next year too!

And this week’s design, really is only available until this Sunday as we have every confidence we won’t have these perfect little gifts for long!



14th April: It's Easter Time!

Family time and chocolate…2 of our favourite things here at LUXE flowers, behind flowers themselves of course! We hope everyone has lovely plans for this Easter weekend. And what better way to dress your home with Easter inspired treats, then this weeks LUXE design of the week…

Hand-made Bunny and Teddy Bear moss figures.

These are hand-made in store with our very own hands, including button and ribbon detail. On average the figures are 20cm in height and the best thing is they will last forever as long as they aren’t in direct sun light! Perfect as a unique gift for your Easter host or as an addition to your Easter tree.

Happy Easter everyone! 



21st April: Drift Wood Candle Holders!

As well as fresh blooms and artificial flowers we also stock a selection of candles & gifts here at LUXE Flowers. This week’s design is a nod to our candle selection and their ability to create the perfect atmosphere.

Our Drift Wood Candles Holders are 12 cm square with cut-out heart detail on 2 sides. Provided with the holders are a round glass holder measuring 8cm in height. The natural Drift Wood material would suit a conservatory coffee table or even an outside garden table in the early Spring evening.

For this week only we are also offering a small white pillar candle as part of the design, so this gift is ready to be given with love.



28th April: Rainbow Posy

Back to basics this week…we saw basic, but with a colourful difference!

This week we have designed a rainbow hand tied posy full of a variety of strong colours. Flowers include a ‘Sunrich Orange’ Sunflower, large headed orange Gerbera and Kermit Chrysanthemums. Rather than fighting for the limelight, the 2 pink flowers in this posy work in perfect harmony – the Amalia Rose and the much sought after ‘Captain Romance’ Calla Lilly.

Arranged in a short stemmed posy and presented in water in a LUXE Flowers bag, this would posy would be an ideal gift for a lunch host this May Bank Holiday!



5th May: Country Garden Bouquet

In the flower world, May is thought to symbolise the transition between Spring and Summer. 
This week’s LUXE Design of the week is inspired by all the yummy pastel and shocking vibrant colours which come with this time of year.

The country bouquet includes mixed natural and berried foliage which you would find growing in the fields at this time of year. Vibrant purple Larkspur gives the bouquet a strong definition of colour amongst the more pastel shades of the Apricot stocks and Pink Antirrhinum. Baby pink Eustoma and pink Alstromeria are long-lasting flowers providing different tones of pink within the arrangement. And we just couldn’t resist these Blue Berry large headed Roses to create that perfect focal point.

To be enjoyed in the main room of many homes – the kitchen. Perfect for a large country kitchen table or in the window of a kitchen over-looking the garden.



12th May: Vivid Oasis Posy

Some of our clients mention that as they aren’t green fingered, they tend to avoid having fresh flowers in their homes for fear of killing them! This week’s design hopes to provide an alternative for flowers in fresh water with the Oasis Posy.
Many years ago a clever company created oasis foam – a product which retains water – and as long as it is kept moist, flowers will continue to thrive!

This week’s flower combination is a nod to less is more – less flower types but more of them to create a full, vivid arrangement. We have created the posy using long lasting flowers including purple Statice, Stallion Chrysanthemums, Kermit Chrysanthemums and beautiful cream Eustoma. The focal point is a beautiful cream Avalanche Rose which is complimented by lots of garden foliage including Ivy and dark green Ruscus.

An oasis posy is ideal for a table centre piece for a dinner table with not much room!



19th May: Vibrant Pink & Green Bouquet

In light of the beautiful weather sweeping the UK we have picked a vibrant mix of flowers for this week’s design of the week.

The tiger Pink lily takes centre stage in this arrangement alongside the bright pink Eustoma – called Arena Champagne no less! These colours are a great contrast with the lime green of the Blooms and pretty white Phlox and Daisy Chrysanthemums.
With accompanying dark green foliage, all is hand-arranged in a gift wrap, ready to be placed in water when they reach their destination.

Standing tall in a vase, this bouquet is sure to bring some sunshine into your home for the forthcoming bank holiday weekend.



26th May: Summer & Silk 

We were promised Summer was coming, but the weather Gods seem to be letting us down! This doesn’t stop our artificial blooms shining like they should and these beautiful pastel blue, greens and whites are sure to make you smile.

Included in the artificial mix, is the stunning lime green Viburnum, the Wimbledon Rose, the white Cosmos Daisy, pale blue Love in the Mist and Eucalyptus foliage.

We appreciate this one of the more expensive designs of the week, but this arrangement will last forever and can be updated by season! Best thing is, your friends will never know they are artificial!

Perfect for the corner of a conservatory or an outside summer house, these artificial blooms are sure to remind us of the warm weather to come…fingers crossed!



2nd June: Vintage Summer Glass Jug

Its June which means ice lollies, long dog walks through country fields and lots of sun-kissed faces.
This week's design is inspired by outside living and a very naturally gathered selection of flowers.
One of prettiest flowers we know but not reflected in its name is the Lilac Scabious - velvety to touch and like a daisy in shape, is joined by delicate Phlox, vintage coloured apricot Stocks and a beautiful yellow Rose. With garden foliage including Pitto and Asparagus Fern, this posy is arranged and placed in a vintage glass jug.
Ideal as a thank-you gift or a house warming gesture, this will look perfect on your friends mantelpiece...or even on your own! 



9th June: Fathers Day Garden

We know that flowers won’t be the first thing that springs to mind when most people think of gifts for Fathers Day. However we have a very exciting Father’s Day Garden which could make the ideal gift for those outdoorsy dads who love their garden rockery!

This interesting and textured group of plants are called Succulent plants – easy to care for, require minimal water and with their rubbery texture are very interesting to touch and feel!
Planted in the embellished ‘Flower and Plant’ container, we love the ceramic bird nestled amongst the rocks, stones and woodchip.

Perfect for a bathroom window or even just inside a porch door.


16th June: Sunshine Romance Bouquet

Back to tradition this week with a romantic inspired hand-tied bouquet.

Filled with lots of long-lasting flowers, you will be able to enjoy this bouquet for many days to come. Flower mix includes Columbia cream Lilies, sunny yellow gerbera’s, Gypsophilia, the luxury Noami Rose and acid yellow Alstromeria.

As a our hand-tied’s are made fresh to order, the bouquet can stay as it delivered for up to 48 hours. Presented in water in a LUXE Flowers bags, this is an ideal gift to tell someone you love and appreciate them!


23rd June: Pink Rose & Peony Posy

They have the shortest season of most flowers and that no doubt contributes to why they continue to be one of the most desirable flowers in the flower world…the Peony. Notoriously difficult to self-grow, they bloom into such large headed flowers in an array of colours.
This week’s design is inspired by the Sarah Bernhardt Peony in its lush pink tones, perfectly matched with the more vibrant tones of the Aqua Rose and the Nathalie Spray Rose. Arranged in a short stemmed Posy surrounded by Silver Eucalyptus the multitude of pinks in this arrangements means it is a gesture that won’t be forgotten in a hurry!


30th June: Wimbledon White & Green

The second week of Wimbledon is sure to bring some excitement as the tournament heats up! We were inspired by the copious amounts of Pimms and strawberries that is going to be consumed and also the classic colour scheme of white & green.
That’s why this week’s design of the week, is a very classic, traditional and elegant arrangement. With the beauty of the Oriental White Lily taking centre stage, we introduced a few lime green Kermit Chrysanthemums and a handful of understated silver Eucalyptus foliage. Tied in a simple wrap with a large white bow as a finishing touch.
Presented in a gift wrap, ready to be placed into water when it reaches its destination, this arrangement is perfect for a tall vase ready to be enjoyed in the living room by the whole family. 


7th July: Pretty Summer Vase

At the height of Summer, long evenings in the sun and days in the park, it’s a brilliant month for flower choice. And here at LUXE Flowers we particular enjoy the pretty flowers July brings. And this week’s design is all about the natural – and effortless beauty!
A glass column vase filled with Summer flowers that look like they have been scoped from a nearby Berkshire field. The flower mix includes, white Phlox, Poppy Seed Heads, purple Statice, cream Eustoma and pink Peony. Arranged amongst large leafed silver Eucalyptus and tied with a pink voile bow.
Ready to be placed in the centre of the living room, this is a long lasting arrangement using the freshest flowers of course!


14th July: Teachers End of Year Gift

At this time of year, before a blissful 6 weeks of holidays, it can be a tricky time for parents as they decide how to thank their children’s teachers.

Well look no further, we have come up an affordable yet pretty gift which is available in this bright summery mix of flowers arranged in a large glass jam jar. The large gerbera takes centre stage surrounded by sunshine yellow Chrysanths, purple Statice and pink Achillea.

Accessorised with a cluster of pencils or a paint brush, this is a quirky gift that a teacher won’t have received before! Sure to get you an A for effort and taste!


21st July: Silk Romance

The heat may be playing havoc with our gardens, hair and outfit choices but we definitely shouldn’t complain! Many of our clients have turned to artificial flowers as the summer holidays creep in and they want something to look forward to when they return that is as beautiful as when they purchased it.

This week’s design of the week is dedicated to a selection of silk flowers we have instore – simple, elegant yet striking – the Red Rose.
Arranged amongst very realistic Eucalyptus foliage, this is ideal as a never-ending romantic gesture or for those with lavish taste for a beautifully decorated room.

Of course the price is a bit higher this week but they will last forever!


28th July: Seasonal Brights

Bold, fun and bright is this week’s inspiration for the design of the week.
We love this seasonal mix of long lasting flowers sure to brighten up your day.
Deep pink Lillies, cerise pink Gerbera’s, a selection of Daisy Chrysanthemums and dark purple Statice. Hand-tied amongst silver Eucalyptus foliage and presented in water in a LUXE Flowers bag, this is the ideal ‘thank-you or thinking of you bouquet.


4th August: Summer Garden Gathering

A lot of the LUXE Flower designs are inspired by natural, picked from the garden flowers. It’s a fine art trying to make flowers look unarranged but this week’s design of the week is inspired by just that.
This long and low arrangement is filled with white Cow Parsley, champagne David Austin Garden Roses, Rosa Eustoma, vivid blue Delphinium, purple Statice and lilac September Flower.
Arranged in a tray in oasis foam, this arrangement is ideal for a summer garden party or a dinner party with friends and family.


11th August: Perfectly Pink

Often we find that less is more in floristry. Not that we are suggesting for a minute that one should scrimp on the number of flowers! Instead, finding the types of flowers that you like and sticking to them.
This thought has inspired the design of the week.

Pink Gypsophillia gives a great effect amongst these vibrant pink Antirrhinum, pink Chrysanthemum and the beautiful and classic cream Avalanche Roses. This makes for a large posy of flowers which is presented in water in a LUXE Flowers bag.
A perfect combination of long lasting flowers, whether to celebrate the birth of a baby girl or to cheer up someone who loves their pastel colours, is sure to put a smile on the lucky person’s face! 


18th August: Rustic Jug Arrangement

At this time of the year, the fields of Berkshire and beyond are filled with grasses, berry foliage and cow parsley. As you know from our previous designs we love to try and bring some of the outside, inside and this week’s design of the week is inspired by Berkshire’s nature!
The vintage print just is filled with a scooped together arrangement of natural flowers in yellow, white and green tones. Yellow Alstromeria sits at the heart of the arrangement with gold and white Eustoma. Sunshine yellow Helenium sits next to lime green Leucadendron. Cow parsley, red Berry foliage and Laurel greenery, and the finishing touch, seeded grasses sitting at different heights amongst the flowers.
Ideal for someone who likes to spend a lot of time outside in the garden, the long lasting flowers and timeless jug will be the perfect addition to any kitchen table.


1st September: Garden Posy

This week’s design of the week is inspired by a client who recently visited our shop and said she wanted something to make her smile. It had to be long-lasting, colourful but natural. And we came up with this!
This posy, arranged in oasis is filled with lots of garden foliage including Hebe, Pitto and sprigs of wheat & grasses – these combined provide a lot of texture and that natural feeling we love in our arrangements. The pop of colour is provided by these vivid purple Phlox, candy pink Eustoma, deep purple Statice, and pastel pink Sedum.  
Perfect for a coffee table or even on your dressing table in your bedroom, this is sure to provide a burst of happiness every morning! And our client has reported back, that it did!


8th September: Contemporary White & Limes

We are often asked the question, can you design something in creams and whites without it looking wedding inspired or bridal. Well, we love a challenge, and of course the answer is yes!
Neutral tones can sometimes be just as striking as an array of colour and this week’s design of the week is a nod to a regular client who loves just this - pure simplicity.
Luxury Avalanche Roses are the dominant flower in this design. Kermit Chrysanthemums, pure white Lisianthus and the contemporary Brasica provide the white and lime contrasts. Loops of steel grass is the finishing touch to this design.
This hand-tied posy presented in water, is ideal for those with a modern taste in design.


15th September: Rich Warm Autumn

As we hit mid-September, we love the rich autumnal colours that start to become available in the flower world. Rich reds, oranges, greens and pinks mixed together provide a brilliant bright mix, which remind us of cosy nights in front of the fire!
That idea, has inspired this week’s design of the week. Arranged in a cute & quirky jam jar type vase, the flowers included in this arrangement, are a wild bunch! The burnt orange Chrysanthemums provide that burst of colour, whilst the bright orange Crocosmia with delicate black detail really are stunning. The beautiful pink Lydia Spray Rose stands tall in the arrangement and are a great contrast to the rather impressive Physalis – or orange lanterns as people like to call them.
Ideal as a nod to the Autumn, this will make a great gift for a friend who needs reminding the dark nights aren’t all that bad!


29th September: Indian Summer Posy

We fear the Indian Summer we have been experiencing is disappearing but in the hope of clinging on to it that little bit longer, this week’s design of the week is a vibrant mix of unusual blooms, lovely and bright.

At the centre sits a Blueberry Rose next to the vibrant Lydia Spray Rose. The purple Brasica, or the cabbage as it’s more commonly known is a great colour contrast to the lime green Kermit Chrysanthemum’s. Pink Sedum provides a fluffy texture next to the elegance of the vivid orange Kniphofia aka Red Hot Poker and the Orange Crocosmia – similar in shape to a Freesia. The design is finished with loops of steel grass for a modern contemporary feel.

For someone with a bright taste in décor and flowers, this is the ideal way to say ‘thank-you’ or ‘I Love You’!


6th October: Opulent Cream

As the days grow shorter and the nights darker, we will be spending lots more time inside with our friends and family! Lots more time spent sat in the living room or kitchen, means you definitely need a beautiful bunch of exquisite flowers to sit on your coffee table or on the kitchen window sill. That thought has inspired this week’s design of the week.

We have designed an opulent mix of flowers in pure whites, creams and greens. A luxury mix including the beautiful sweet smelling Norma Jean Roses, Stallion Daises, and a white & lime Hydrangea. The delicate Wax flower gives the hand-tied posy a natural, country feel alongside the stunning metallic blue Viburnum Berries – these provide that gentle reminder that we have officially reached Autumn.

Arranged in a hand-tied and placed in a clear glass globe vase, this is the perfect gift for someone who has understated, luxury taste.


13th October: Autumn Pinks

Rich oranges, reds, purples, all make a lavish autumn arrangement. But what if you are looking for something with a hint of pink? Never fear, we have designed something this week which encompasses pink but with a true feel of October!

A striking dark Cerise Lily stands tall in the centre of this arrangement and once fully bloomed will definitely be an eye-catching sight. It is complemented by the natural white Matricaria Daisy, a pop of colour with the lilac Statice and cerise Chrysanthemums. The dark red Oak Foliage along with the small leafed Eucalyptus is the finishing touch for this harvest inspired bouquet.

Presented gift wrapped, ready to be placed in water on its arrival, pop this bouquet in a tall vase in the living room and whilst you hear the rain fall outside, make yourself comfortable on the sofa!


20th October: Classic Purple Vase

This week’s design of the week is inspired by a client who we provided a large vase arrangement for over the weekend in her favourite colours of purple and white. And at the centre of the display her favourite flower – the striking blue Thistle.

Arranged in a 15cm tall cylinder vase, the flower mix included white Daisy Stallion, deep purple Eustoma and the sweet smelling Norma Jean Roses. Berried foliage added a hint of Autumn. The clients all time favourite Thistles were really set off by the deep purple Grevillea which added that sprinkle of LUXE Flowers magic!

Our client placed this on a central table in the middle of her beautiful entrance hall, and she told us was the ‘perfect welcome to her friends’ whilst she entertained them for Sunday lunch.

Would your home enjoy a touch of luxury like this with the vase included? Well why not order one today!


27th October: Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween is fast approaching! Our window full of tricks and treats has been a popular stop off along the High Street the last few days. And today we have added yet another treat. The LUXE Flowers friendly pumpkin who is sure to scare away any evil spirits this Friday!

Carved with a unique friendly face, we have filled the pumpkin with a selection of lush autumn flowers including burgundy Chrysanths, Hypericum Berries, lime Safari and textured orange Carthamus. Dark brown autumn Beech and garden foliage finish this display off perfectly.

We have borrowed the LUXE Flowers witches hat to sit on top of our pumpkin. Unfortunately we can’t give this away as we may be cursed with a Halloween spell but we can certainly create a bespoke flower pumpkin for you!
This unique pumpkin would look fantastic lit up in your living room window or even outside on your door step and is sure to get you in the Halloween spirit.


3rd November: Country Trug Basket

Winter has well and truly hit Berkshire now! And a client wanted to buy her Grandmother a cheery gift for her 90th Birthday. The brief was, ‘no Autumn colours – so we thought a touch of Summer would be inspiring!

These beautiful and large soft pink Avalanche Roses take centre stages in this basket arrangement. Surrounded by mini cerise Gerbera’s, purple Lisanthius, lilac statice and daisy-like pink Chyrsanths. Arranged with a mix of Laurustinus foliage as a finishing touch.

This long lasting gift is the perfect present if the lucky recipient is a long car journey away, as it will travel well in its basket and won’t require any watering for a few days!  
We are pleased to say, it was meet with huge appreciation from our client!


17th November: Autumn Drama

Venue: Drinks reception in a barn overlooking the country. Theme: Bringing some of the outside, inside. Requirement: A large and dramatic Autumunal display to fill the high ceiling of the function room.
Solution: This week’s design of the week.

Breathtakingly bright Naranja orange Roses, luxury red Naomi Roses, burgundy Kangaroo Paws and rustic coloured Chrysanthemums. Arranged amongst autumnal Oak Leaves and berried Eucalyptus. Finishing touch: Beautiful twisted willow to add height and drama.

Feedback: Exactly the statement I wanted to make!
Get yours now, including this tall glass vase filled with flowers and make your own statement! 


24th November: Seasonal Long & Low

Christmas is only 30 days away this Monday, so although we may be considered early birds, as the old saying goes, it’s the early bird that catches the worm! In this case, this week’s design of the week will help you on your way to decorating your home ready for the festive season.
Placed in the middle of this long and long arrangement we have used a cranberry scented candle surrounded by natural Fir Cones, bundles of Cinnamon Sticks bound with natural Raffia Ribbon and luxury red matt Baubles. A mix of fresh Berries, Christmas Pine, dark Ivy and vibrant red Skimmer all make for a textured and long lasting display!
This arrangement would be perfect on a dining room table or side board and will be sure to get you in seasonal mood.


1st December: Fresh Flower Amaryllis Tree 

From here on in, the design of the week will be inspiration for Christmas arrangements suitable as gifts for family and friends or festive dressings for your own home.
We start this first week in December offering contemporary styling with the Amaryllis Tree.
Aptly named the Ferrari Amaryllis, these perfectly seasonal red flowers, provide a striking and alternative look for your Christmas arrangement.
Arranged in a seasonal pot and layered with moss, your friends and family will never know this is in fact cut flower rather than grown from a bulb. Whether you choose to claim you have nurtured them from bulb is entirely up to you!
Ideal on a corner unit in the living room or in fact as a table centre piece at Christmas, the height of the arrangement provides drama without getting in the way of those Christmas jokes!


8th December: Hyacinth Trug Basket 

We have created the perfect Winter garden this week.
This cute trug style basket is filled with blue and pink Hyacinth bulbs and is decorated with contorted willow and moss. And not forgetting our garden friend the red Robin and his tree house.
This would be an ideal gift for someone who loves watching plants grow and there is the added benefit of the wonderful scent Hyacinths produce! Ideal for the kitchen window or even a sheltered porch to prolong their life in the Winter chill.



15th December: Christmas Table Arrangement

Perfect as a gift or to decorate your own Christmas Dinner table, this festive table arrangement is the ideal size – big enough to make an impact but not too large that it would need to be removed once the turkey and all the trimmings are on the table!

Arranged in a ceramic red Christmas pot, it is made up of luxury red Roses, festive burgundy Carnations, and cream Chrysanthemums. The gold metallic Skimma Berries, fresh Christmas Pine and Populus Berries will not only make your home smell of Christmas but are a joy to look at.

Standing at the centre of the arrangements is a red pillar candle which can easily be replaced once it has burnt down. And with the freshest flowers and foliage used, this long-lasting arrangement will last right through to the big day and beyond!


22nd December: Candle Lit Wreath

As Christmas draws nearer and nearer, the shop has been deserted of most of its festive statues, reindeer’s and Santa’s as they go to their new homes. Still very much present is lots of fresh flowers, berries and Christmas foliage. And this is what has inspired this week’s design of the week.

A 12” wreath filled with luscious Christmas and garden foliage, including fresh pine, fern, Pittosporum and Christmas berries to name but a few. 3 shimmer white dinner candles stand at even points around the wreath, with dried yet fragrant oranges, pine cones and gold poppy seed heads. The finishing touch is 3 gold baubles, some shiny some matt.

Perfect as a table centre piece, once the candles are alight on the wreath, this will create the perfect festive atmosphere!



January Design of the Month: Luxury White Posy

The beginning of the New Year is finally here…happy 2015 everyone!
Slight change for the month of January, we have designed a classic hand-tied arrangement which will be available for the entire month of January.
We have created a fresh crisp white posy bouquet using luxury Avalanche white Roses, garden Brassica and prosecco cream Chrysanths. Snow white Gypsophila mirrors the frost of the New Year alongside luscious winter greenery.
Presented in water in a LUXE Flowers bag, this arrangement would be great as a gift for the New Year or would freshen up any living room after all the decorations have come down!



The LUXE Chosen Gift - Vintage Spring Bottles

An alternative romantic gift.
Is your other half more of a vintage-country girl? Want a finishing touch to go along side something else you've bought?
Then these bottles in baskets with a touch of romantic Spring flowers may be just the ticket!



The LUXE Chosen Gift - Muscari Mascara

It may not feel very Spring like in Berkshire this February but Spring bulbs really do make us happy…especially as they last longer in this cold weather!

This quirky planter is filled with lots of fresh Muscari bulbs which once in bloom look like blue mascara brushes!

With a unique print ‘Inspired by nature’ on the stone-look container, this is a perfect gift for someone who needs cheering up or just because you fancy treating them!